EFT for Addictions is a website dedicated to holistic treatment approaches and self-help tools for addictions, in particular the Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is intended as a resource for organisations working in the health & social care sector, their staff and volunteers, and also as a source of information for people suffering from addiction and their families and carers. The site is still very new and is being continually updated so if you don't find all the information you need, please get in touch through the Contact page with any questions or queries.

What's New

The new resource portal Prisoner Self-Help is aiming to provide information, tools and support for prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and friends - article contributions are invited from anyone involved or interested in prisoner welfare and rehabilitation.

EFT Practitioner's Handbook of Addictions, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders is now available as an e-book and in a printed format! At only £2.95 you can get the most essential information, specialist approaches and ideas to enhance your EFT practice with these challenging and complex issues. You can find further details and information on how to order the e-book on our sister website here.

Our unique specialist Level 1 EFT for Addiction Treatment and Recovery workshop is returning to York on 24-25 June 2013 - it is organised and hosted by Claudius Drug Training www.claudiusdrugtraining.co.uk and all enquiries and bookings should go through the organisers. 

The specialist Level 1 EFT for Eating Disorders training will take place on 29-30th in Esher, Surrey, and the Level 2 (Practitioner) workshop in EFT for Addictions & Eating Disorders is scheduled for 31st August - 1st September 2012 - the latter is open to completers of our Level 1 EFT for Addictions or EFT for Eating Disorders, as well as those who have previously undertaken the generic Level 1 EFT training with us or another accredited training organisation, and have some experience of work in either of these fields. On successful completion of the Level 2 workshop and practical/written assessment, you will be eligible for Practitioner grade membership of the Association for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techqniques, the main European professional organisation for EFT and related therapies. This workshop is organised in partnership with The National Centre for Eating Disorders, and all bookings should be made through their website, www.eating-disorders.org.uk.

A free 16-page Pocket Guide to EFT for Addiction Treatment, Self-help & Recovery, written specially for beginners, can be downloaded here. Other useful free downloads which you can find on our sister website include handouts on Surfing the Urge, Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions (SIDs), Decision Balance Sheet, Food Diary, Strategies for People Who Self-harm, Simple Relaxation Technique, Problem Inventory and EFT Chart.